Physiotherapists are trained professionals that carry out physical therapy or physiotherapy. This profession is concerned with the identifying and maximizing of quality of life and movement potential. The job role of a physiotherapist is vast and they will deal with a large range of different people. Their job is likely to include working with the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, intervention and rehabilitation. As well as focusing on the physical state the physiotherapist will also be concerned with the psychological, emotional and social well being of an individual. Becoming a physiotherapist is considered to be relatively difficult as it is an exceptionally skilled profession.

The work of a physiotherapist is vast and they are most commonly associated with medical treatment. Their work will include dealing with many different areas including outpatients, intensive care, women’s health, care of the elderly, stroke patients, orthopedics, mental illness, learning difficulties, occupational health, terminally ill and pediatrics. The majority of physiotherapist will work from hospitals and will be employed by the NHS. There a number that work for private healthcare companies and some focus on self employment work. Those that are self employed will usually focus on the rehabilitation process and the care of people injured during the participation of sports.

The tasks given to a physiotherapist vary widely and they hold very important jobs, for example they can include helping people to learn to walk again. Those working within hospitals will use a wide range of different environments to help them with their job. For example these include physiotherapy gyms, hydrotherapy areas and the use of high tech equipment. As well as working within hospitals physiotherapists are also likely to be found working in industry, special schools, the private sector, education, leisure and sport. Wherever there is a risk that a person could be injured there is likely to be a physiotherapist present.

In the present day physiotherapy is all about teamwork and the physiotherapists will work closely with other medical professionals in order help an individual recover. This is certainly a hands on job where the individual will require a large list of personal qualities. The personal qualities required to make a good physiotherapist include tolerance, patience, compassion, level-headedness, practical and good communication skills. This can be a very difficult career and it means working with a large range of people. Physiotherapists often describe their work as being incredibly rewarding and this is always a positive job aspect.